• Embarking on a Drupal 8 adventure

    Foreach is not a Drupal only company; we have almost 10 years of experience in Drupal, but we did our first large Drupal project (>200 mandays) only 2 years ago. Although we had some struggles in the beginning of the project, we quickly saw some benefits of building solutions with Drupal. Since this first project, we have selected Drupal 7 for several new projects and one of our teams is continuously working in Drupal/PHP.

    July 2, 2015 by Jens Steppe
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  • 9 tips for improving Cucumber test readability

    This blog entry was originally posted on our Cucumber Web Bridge site.

    Even when automating UI tests, it is important to keep your scenarios as readable as possible, or you threaten to lose all benefits from a plain-text approach. In this post I’ll give you some tips that can help you with the basics.

    June 25, 2015 by Arne Vandamme
  • Reaching a New Milestone with Cucumber Web Bridge

    The past 3 days, we’ve worked very hard on one of our open source products. Cucumber Web Bridge (CWB) is used to automate functional or acceptance tests for web software. Without requiring much technical expertise, test scenarios can be written in plain English and run automatically in a web browser. As a result everyone on the development team can contribute to writing automatic tests; functional people - Product Owner, Functional Analyst, Tester, etc. – as well as technical team members. In a way, CWB serves as a bridge between the technical and the functional elements of a web product.

    January 16, 2015